Backport Java 7 Regex to Java 6 runtime

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu Nov 24 13:09:35 UTC 2016

On 24/11/16 12:30, Abdessamed MANSOURI wrote:
> Andrew, we have an application which turns of Java 6 (the migration to Java
> 7 costs too much time) and we want to benifits of some Java 7 features, so
> we want to backport it (in our client enviroment), i'm not suggesting that
> to the community (I'm not author nor committer ...),


> but as you invoked it, i would like to make a comment, why does Java
> standard lib over many years was distributed as monolithic lib?,
> nearly all classes are in rt.jar bundled with sun.*, com.sun.*
> ... packages , if there were a jar for regex the upgrade would be a
> little easy (i know that is another subject but its the source of
> problem as i think).

Not entirely, because other parts of the runtime library use regexps.

Surely it's easy anyway: all you have to do is import the regex
library and put it in an appropriate package.  But to answer your
original question a little better, the code is GPL + Classpath
exception, which might well be what you need legally speaking.  But I
am not a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice.


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