How to combine different APIs in meaningful ways? Does Javadoc help?

Rajib Bando rajibando at
Sun Aug 6 04:47:01 UTC 2017

Please refer to this query I had posted in Eclipse Forum, here:
I would not like to repeat the entire content again to save space. A
click to the link suffices.
Can Javadoc help me bridge the difficulty in weaving together methods
/ APIs in meaningful ways and use them for coding, bypassing the
difficulty posed by the steep learning curve of synthesis of Oracle
API index information for coding?
Four days back
[... I posted this new message via email to  javadoc-dev `at`
When I looked at the mailing list at nabble I found that there are
only few visitors in this sub-forum havadoc-dev and my message was not
yet displayed.
So I am again posting the thread, this time via nabble...]
Then, I was informed by javadoc-dev-owner `at` ,
without explanation, that this post was deemed inappropriate.
So today I deleted that topic and am posting this de-novo here,  to
OpenJDK General discussion

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