important discovery about a probable refactoring in jvm or OS

Cristian Lorenzetto cristian.lorenzetto at
Sun Dec 24 14:41:22 UTC 2017

As i descrived in this place

It is impossible to use JNI interface when c++ code is executing  native
fibers/courotines (calling a java callback). Pratically in future all new
software will use fibers instead threads so java will get a prison.
It is necessary to re design JVM with many changes

c++ native fibers might be the java threads so JNI continue to works

In addition i suggest
- to add new data type for unsigned number
- multyhierarchy (
parent classes can't have a common ancestor(except trially Object class).
This permits to evoid data inconsistency as explained also in Kotlin) This
is the just limitation for evoiding inconsitency.
- inline functions
- redesign lambdas compiler engine to trasforming lambda classes in inline
code (see stackoverflow ho many developers proved the bad bytecode
generated by actual javac)

Pay attention ! Java could die if it doesnt follow the modern software
needs! you can see already now many jdk new languages trying to skip the
java language , but if you talk with the languages teams you can see all
tells JDK doesnt permits do do many things others VM permits(in primis
class multi hierarchy). Java must change before developers change language!

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