Is Java WebStart Deprecated?

Mario Torre neugens at
Mon Nov 6 15:00:12 UTC 2017

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 3:31 PM, Michael Nascimento <misterm at> wrote:
> Hi Donald,
> While I agree the "mental model" would be app stores, there is no
> direct Java support for such a thing and no "app store" for Linux in
> general, to make matters worse. Also nobody wants to distribute an
> internal application through a public app store. So this is not really
> a solution for most applications I see deployed out there using JWS.

Each distributions have their own app store already, in fact they had
before App Store was even coined as a word. If you target one specific
OS in your company is pretty easy to create, for example, an rpm and
have a global configured repository that can be managed like any other
across your organisation, and doesn't have to be accessible
externally, it's very well suited for secure deployments of software.

Also, while I didn't follow the whole discussion about its proposal, I
believe the future jpackager API will make it easier to create
distribution specific packages for a variety of targets. Flatpacks and
similar methods are also gaining leverage. I think we should have
separated deployment strategies from the java platform many years ago,
it's good we're doing that now at last.


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