Is Java WebStart Deprecated?

Michael Nascimento misterm at
Mon Nov 6 15:41:54 UTC 2017

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 1:00 PM, Mario Torre <neugens at> wrote:
> Each distributions have their own app store already, in fact they had
> before App Store was even coined as a word. If you target one specific
> OS in your company is pretty easy to create, for example, an rpm and
> have a global configured repository that can be managed like any other
> across your organisation, and doesn't have to be accessible
> externally, it's very well suited for secure deployments of software.

Except that for many enterprises, including a customer I worked for 7
years, you had to support pretty much any OS. Only 150 out of 300
"core" users (that had standard hardware/OS, the rest was BYOL over
the VPN.

> Also, while I didn't follow the whole discussion about its proposal, I
> believe the future jpackager API will make it easier to create
> distribution specific packages for a variety of targets. Flatpacks and
> similar methods are also gaining leverage. I think we should have
> separated deployment strategies from the java platform many years ago,
> it's good we're doing that now at last.

Updating with a differential download is a pretty neat feature of JWS.
We had users at the Amazon forest area (yeah, this is enterprise
software, they were independent sales representatives) and having a 20
MB application requiring just a 30-400kb upgrade at most was (and
still is) a crucial reason for embracing JWS.

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