Is Java WebStart Deprecated?

Robert Zenz robert.zenz at
Tue Nov 7 10:31:40 UTC 2017

Ah, I see. This is done implicitly by specifying a different modulepath. To be
exact, specifying the path to the modules of the target system. Thank you.

I was looking for some information on it in the jlink documentation at but couldn't find anything
about it in there, so that is why I was confused.

On 07.11.2017 11:09, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 07/11/2017 09:48, Robert Zenz wrote:
>> So, if you want to distribute such an image to Microsoft Windows, macOS and
>> Linux clients you need all three OSs set up to create images for them?
> jlink does supports cross targeting, meaning you can run jlink on say macOS and
> create run-time for say windows-x64. There is limited testing of the
> combinations so please report any issues that you run into.
> One other thing is that the jlink plugins that do code generation at link time
> do not consistently check the version of the target platform. This is something
> that needs to be fixed. In the mean time, you need to make sure that the the
> packaged modules are the same version as jlink, e.g. you can't run jlink on a
> JDK 10 build to create a 9.0.1 run-time image and vice versa.
> -Alan.

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