Is Java WebStart Deprecated?

Thierry Guérin t_guerin at
Thu Nov 9 10:08:41 UTC 2017

Hi Donald,

I completely agree with Michael Nascimento and most of the comments here 
stating that jlink seems to be a poor replacement for JWS (not saying 
that saying is a bad product, just that it doesn't cover the same needs).

What's alarming for me is that the deprecated features page mentions 
that JWS will be removed in a future release, but doesn't give even the 
slightest idea of a roadmap for this removal. Do you have more 
information on this? First LTS release (18.9)? next LTS? I need to know 
so that we can plan accordingly, as moving from JWS to jlink has quite a 
great impact: some missing features (such as the automatic update) will 
need to be addressed.

I'd hate to discover that JWS was removed from a Java release the day it 
is released (like the recent disappearance of 32bit jvms).

also, +1 for migrating JWS as part of OpenJDK if Oracle does not want to 
support it anymore



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