Is Java WebStart Deprecated?

Holger Brands holger.brands at
Wed Nov 15 10:32:48 UTC 2017

I just read about the deprecation of Java Webstart (JWS) and I'm shocked.
I think a lot of java desktop applications are deployed via JWS being public
"consumer" apps or "internal business" applications.

While I agree that deploying a central JRE on a machine that JWS apps have
to rely on
is not the way to go, I think Oracle draws the wrong conclusions.

In my opinion, the best solution would be to open source Java Webstart
Technology as part of OpenJDK,
where it could be enhanced to be able to package and deploy an
application-private JRE or a modular runtime image
together with the application bundle.

I think deprecating and eventually removing Java Webstart Technology
without providing a viable replacement
is the worst thing to do.
We need a (standard) single click installation and upgrade of java
applications supporting multiple plattforms ("Build once - deploy anywhere")
and I doubt native installers are the right solution for portable java apps.

Please rethink your deployment strategy and don't let down all the desktop
applications and developers around there.

Just my two cents,

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