Accelerating the JDK release cadence

cowwoc cowwoc at
Thu Sep 7 19:41:15 UTC 2017

On 2017-09-07 3:12 PM, Jonathan Bluett-Duncan wrote:
>     2. Every product that has used time-based version numbers has
>     inevitably
>     dropped the approach (the only exception that comes to mind is MS
>     Word).
>     When this happens, the version history is permanently polluted
>     with large
>     version numbers. Instead of hijacking the major.minor version numbers,
>     consider placing this information in the build number (e.g.
>     9.1.5+2017-11-15)
> Oh, really? I thought that Ubuntu and IntelliJ IDEA still follow a 
> time-based version scheme.

That's true. But these projects are in the minority. The JDK has changed 
versioning schemes more often than most projects. I have nothing against 
a time-based scheme in its own right, but it is extremely annoying to 
step away from and I am not willing to bet that the JDK will retain this 
versioning scheme for the rest of time.


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