Accelerating the JDK release cadence

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Fri Sep 8 08:15:14 UTC 2017

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> Comments?  Questions?

I hardly need to say how delighted we at Red Hat, and I'm sure the
wider developer community, are with this change.  It'll make a
substantial difference to the way we work, and I hope it'll encourage
a new generation of developers to work with us.

The proposed process you've described is similar to that used by other
free software projects, so it sounds like it will work well.  Hitherto,
OpenJDK has been a rather unrewarding place for individual community
developers and companies because of the very long cycle time between
making a contribution and its use in a Java release.  This new process
will make it easier to encourage developers of free software to spend
their time working with us on OpenJDK.

The shrinking difference between the proprietary Oracle JDK and
OpenJDK will reduce confusion and the feeling in some quarters that
OpenJDK is in some way illegitimate, inferior, or in some way
unreliable.  It will also help encourage community development.

This is another big step towards openness and co-operation since we
began working together when OpenJDK Sun freed the Java source code ten
years ago.  Bravo!

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