Accelerating the JDK release cadence

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Fri Sep 8 09:32:05 UTC 2017

On a separate note,

Some folks outside of this list have asked about platforms outside of the
main three (Linux x86, Windows, Mac OS X).

The London Jamocha Community (to use it's legal name) has recently applied
and been granted the J(TCK).  This means that for the more esoteric
platforms, we will be able to formally test the OpenJDK binaries on the
Adopt OpenJDK build farm (  Developers will be
able to download those binaries for their use (
and via an API), if they don't already have a convenient place to do so

For OpenJDK 8 and 9 the Adopt OpenJDK programme currently builds and runs
OpenJDK tests + some other donated tests for:

* Linux x86, Windows, Mac OS X (Oracle will naturally be the default place
to go for these anyhow)
* Linux s390x, Linux ppc64le, Linux aarch64, Linux arm32
* SmartOS
* And of course Docker (to be buzzword compliant)

We'll need to apply for and get the TCK for Java 9+ but our intention is to
provide binaries for these other platforms, following the release cycle
that Mark has proposed.

I know there's a lot of other folks producing various binaries etc
(especially the distros and RH with IcedTea etc) and I'm hoping that many
of us can we can all meet at JavaOne and figure out how we can share more
common infrastructure and tests.  I'll reach out separately to organise


On 8 September 2017 at 10:16, Martijn Verburg <martijnverburg at>

> Hi Andrew,
> I'm not Mark (obviously) but it's something that the JCP EC has been
> working with Georges and Brian on.  *Nothing* is set in concrete yet but
> the intention is to make a regular draft TCK's available under a friendly
> license so that the other Java implementors can implement against that spec
> as it moves along (as opposed to only getting access once the RI is
> officially released).  That should allow the other Java implementers to
> closely follow the same release cycle (if they choose to do so).
> I won't have any further info on this until we have the next JCP EC
> meeting (just before JavaOne), but it's the number one item on the agenda
> for us to resolve.
> Cheers,
> Martijn
> On 8 September 2017 at 10:02, Andrew Dinn <adinn at> wrote:
>> On 08/09/17 09:15, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> > On 06/09/17 15:49, mark.reinhold at wrote:
>> >> Comments?  Questions?
>> >
>> > I hardly need to say how delighted we at Red Hat, and I'm sure the
>> > wider developer community, are with this change.  . . .
>> Yeah, what he said!
>> I am sure these proposed changes will bring great benefits to all
>> parties involved in developing and using Java, both individual and
>> corporate. I very much want to thank you, Mark (also other Oracle staff
>> who took the decision), for making this happen.
>> One thing I still have not seen addressed is maintenance and
>> availability of TCKs. Are any changes planned there?
>> regards,
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