experiments with jdk9

matecs matecs at niif.hu
Sun Sep 10 10:42:09 UTC 2017

i'm the author of freerouter.nop.hu, it's an open source router a java. 
the source base is about 3mb nowadays.
the project started back at jdk6 days. it have a lot of functional 
self-tests which bring up jvm routers and
pings between them with various protocols. i'm writing to you to inform 
you that i've recently switched to jdk9.
i had to fix some deprecation warnings, but mostly it was smooth. back 
in the jdk8 days, i had some issues with
the default gc on my big (64+gb) route reflector jvms, but switched to 
g1gc, and it solved it. i've noticed that
it's now the default so i'll remove the option from startup scripts soon.
finally, i wish you all the best and keep up the great work guys!
csaba mate

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