Accelerating the JDK release cadence

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Sep 11 19:42:21 UTC 2017

2017/9/8 1:15:14 -0700, Andrew Haley <aph at>:
> I hardly need to say how delighted we at Red Hat, and I'm sure the
> wider developer community, are with this change.  It'll make a
> substantial difference to the way we work, and I hope it'll encourage
> a new generation of developers to work with us.
> ...
> This is another big step towards openness and co-operation since we
> began working together when OpenJDK Sun freed the Java source code ten
> years ago.  Bravo!

Thank you for your kind words, and thank you -- and everyone else in
Red Hat's Java team -- for all of your support and contributions over
the past ten years.  Here's to many more to come!

- Mark

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