JDK 9: General Availability

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 23:25:11 UTC 2017

dalibor topic <dalibor.topic at oracle.com> schrieb am Fr. 22. Sep. 2017 um

> On 22.09.2017 18:21, Volker Simonis wrote:
> > improving the conformance tests and only then it will be possible to
> > transparently certify one's own implementation as well as verifying
> > the implementation of others being standards conforming.
> 'Verifying' wouldn't work, if you think a bit further about how that
> would play out in practice. Failure to reproduce results of others could
> have any number of benign reasons without cause for alarm.

> For a related, timely discussion in the field of science, please see
> https://news.northeastern.edu/2015/09/failure-to-reproduce-results-is-a-normal-part-of-how-science-works/
> .

I hope you don't want to propose that nobody should publish any scientific
findings in the future just because their reproduction by others may fail.
That sounds a little "Trumpish" to make obscurity great again :)

For our concrete problem (i.e. a JCK certification run) publishing the
complete certification data (especially all the .jtr files) would give a
pretty good overview of what people really did. And if this data still
leaves open questions which are debatable - that would actually be great!
That would be fruitful for everybody: the Java community, the Java
implementations, the Java specification and last but not least, for the TCK

I know that big companies love "security by obscurity" (I'm working for one
myself ;) But that's not my personal opinion. Instead, I think an open TCK
would help the Java ecosystem just as much as the OpenJDK did.

Open sourcing the TCK for Java EE is a good step into the right direction.
However if Oracle wants to be taken seriously with this step, open sourcing
the Jave SE TCK must be the direct consequence. Otherwise there's a danger
that the whole Java EE open sourcing story may look a little like riding a
dead horse :)


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