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Hi Mark,

With the JDK project moving forward to a strictly time based release
schedule, there is a question regarding the external contributions in

So far, the rule was to basically keep whatever the role was for each
person in the previous release. I don't think this is specified by the
GB but it has been a sane default, after all, most people that have
contributed over the years to the previous projects would likely
contribute again to the new one, but at the same time it would keep
the number of "sleeping" committers down, since you should at least
have one contribution in any of the repositories before getting
granted the same powers in the new repos.

This worked well because the timeframe for the release was large,
giving enough time for people involved in the project to find some
bug, file a bug report, do some work, etc...

With the strict six month cadence I'm afraid this may not be the case
anymore for the ones of us contributing a smaller amount of patches
over the years (like I do, which is basically about fixing the
occasion bugs in the graphics or font stack, which I think are still
significant but happen at a much lower frequency than other

Is there any plan to change the rules for keeping the contribution
status? I would not personally like a situation where people who are
not contributing for years stay committer forever, but at the same
time I would prefer a higher threshold for dropping privileges.

As a suggestion, I think that we could count the
review/committer/etc.. status at every LTS release, so those that
accumulated at least a contribution up to the LTS retain the status
they achieved during that timeline.

Would something like that work or I need to look harder for bugs in the jdk? :)

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