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Sun Jun 17 06:54:06 UTC 2018

On Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 9:27 PM, Ngor <ngortheone at> wrote:
> Hello community,

Hi Ngor the One,

> I am new to mailing lists and JDK sources, so do not throw stones at me
> please:)
> I want to setup a dev environment for JDK sources so I can fiddle with it
> locally, compile and run.
> Question that I have is the following: what set of tools do developers use
> to work on JDK sources both C++ and Java?  (vim/idea/netbeas) And where can
> I find doc on how to set the project for a particular IDE?

People use different setups; there is no canonical one.

For the C++ hotspot sources, setups range from plain vi and emacs over
Visual Code/Atom to CDT, CLion, Netbeans or even (though seems rare)
Visual Studio.

I personally use both vi and CDT to edit the sources, on both Windows
and Linux, though the setup is significantly easier on Linux. I do not
build in CDT though, I build on the command line.

If you choose CDT, Volker has a nice project setup plus good
description: (Note
that it only really works well on Linux.)

For netbeans, there is a project inside the jdk sources itself, see
make/nb_native; last time I used it this worked almost out of the box
with some minor tweaks.

I cannot comment on other IDEs.

As for the java sources, I use standard Eclipse, but Intellij and
Netbeans seem more common. See here for a more in depth discussion:

Best Regards, Thomas

> Thanks,
> Ihor

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