New candidate JEP: 357: Migrate from Mercurial to Git

Roman Kennke roman at
Mon Jul 15 18:17:20 UTC 2019


I find this strange:

We will not address the question of whether OpenJDK Git repositories
will be self-hosted or hosted by an external provider. That issue will
be the topic of a future JEP.

While I somehow can understand the motivation to break this out, it
leaves me wondering where will the new repos be hosted after all. Or is
that other unnamed JEP intended to become a prerequisite for JEP 357?
This seems impossible too.

In other words: how do you intend to achieve goal#1 "Migrate all
single-repository OpenJDK Projects from Mercurial to Git" without
deciding where to host it? Or else, how/where do you want to host it,
without completing this new JEP 357 first?


> - Mark

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