New candidate JEP: 357: Migrate from Mercurial to Git

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Fri Jul 26 09:31:46 UTC 2019

On 15/07/2019 20:33, Joe Darcy wrote:
> Hello,
> The intention is to separate the decision of whether not to migrate to 
> git from the decision of how to host the git repos, assuming the 
> migration occurs.
> So there is an implicit dependency between delivering 357 and on a 
> yet-to-be- created JEP to discussion git hosting options.

Picking up this slightly old thread.

Joe, does that mean (I hope) that we won't witness _two_ separate 
transitions (e.g. hg to self-hosted git, then self-hosted git to hosted 
git) ? Or is that still on the card somehow?

Every time we change repository (as has happened twice already with the 
consolidation effort first, and the creation of the jdk/jdk repo later), 
there is a lot of cost for all the infrastructure that surrounds the 
JDK. Being the maintainer of several automated build and test and merge 
systems for the various Amber, Valhalla and Panama projects make me feel 
this pain acutely :-) (and I know I'm not alone in this)

So, while I'm not opposed to a move from hg to git (I find the two to be 
close enough in terms of user experience, perhaps with a slight question 
mark over git's extensibility - as I had fun a couple of times writing 
python plugins for mercurial), I'll just plead for  attempting to 
minimize disruption (and hence number of moves) as much as possible.


> HTH; cheers,
> -Joe
> On 7/15/2019 11:17 AM, Roman Kennke wrote:
>> Nice.
>> I find this strange:
>> ""
>> We will not address the question of whether OpenJDK Git repositories
>> will be self-hosted or hosted by an external provider. That issue will
>> be the topic of a future JEP.
>> ""
>> While I somehow can understand the motivation to break this out, it
>> leaves me wondering where will the new repos be hosted after all. Or is
>> that other unnamed JEP intended to become a prerequisite for JEP 357?
>> This seems impossible too.
>> In other words: how do you intend to achieve goal#1 "Migrate all
>> single-repository OpenJDK Projects from Mercurial to Git" without
>> deciding where to host it? Or else, how/where do you want to host it,
>> without completing this new JEP 357 first?
>> Thanks,
>> Roman
>>> - Mark

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