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On 09.03.2021 20:19, John Rose wrote:
> This >>>>

I'll take that as an opportunity to expand my thoughts a bit:

In the JDK 7 & 8 Updates Projects, we've used to basically switch the 
website over to the wiki at the point of handover to the next set of 
maintainers to make it more convenient for them to maintain the 
information relevant for the Projects.

With the JDK Updates Project, all the relevant information for 
individual release trains is now in the wikis already, so it's easy for 
everyone working on the JDK Updates to keep that information updated, 
and folks like Christoph, Volker, Yuri, etc. do (thanks!), without 
having to become members of the Build Group first.

That's the benefit of having that information in Project Wiki, rather 
than a Group wiki, as the effort necessary to become a Committer is 
lower than the effort necessary to become a Group Member, which 
typically takes a year or longer of sustained contributions, so more 
people can edit.

You can request a wiki to be created for a Project by asking ops to do 
it for you as a Project Lead.

If you need a space for individual notes, then I'd suggest using for that, since it can host almost any useful type 
of file easily.

If you need a space for collaborative notes, then Magnus' suggestion of 
a branch in the jdk-sandbox repo is a good one, as well. In that case 
I'd suggest moving it to a Project wiki once you've got something you 
and your collaborators are happy with, since it's easier to search, find 
and cross-reference there, than in individual Git branches.

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>> On Mar 9, 2021, at 11:11 AM, Dalibor Topic <dalibor.topic at 
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>> Fwiw, Projects can have wikis too, which tends to be easier to become 
>> Committer in (happens all the time) than to become a Group member 
>> (happens rarely).
>> So basically, if you move the relevant part of the notes to a 
>> Project's wiki, everyone in that Project can edit it.

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