Call for Discussion: New Project: Lilliput

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Tue Mar 9 21:47:57 UTC 2021

2021/3/9 10:11:12 -0800, john.r.rose at
> Many people, including myself, have puzzled for years
> over the problem of header size.  I am glad to see a frontal
> assault being made on it now!  There is a bewilderingly
> complex shadowy thicket of potential partial solutions,
> including side tables, optional backfill zones (good term,
> Remi), data compression,  bitfields, tagged pointers, and
> compute vs. store trade-offs, for klass, GC mark, hash,
> and lock.  Welcome to the thicket!

Indeed!  This is a tough, tough problem.  I look forward to seeing
what you can do!

- Mark

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