Call for Discussion: New Project: Lilliput

Roman Kennke rkennke at
Mon Mar 15 18:36:05 UTC 2021

>>>> I would propose myself as the project lead for Lilliput. :-)
>>>> For initial committers I think we need all expertise in runtime and 
>>>> GC that we can get. From the top of my head I’m thinking of John 
>>>> Rose, Dave Dice, Andrew Dinn, Andrew Haley, Erik Österlund, Aleksey 
>>>> Shipilev, Coleen Phillimore, Stefan Karlsson, Per Liden. Please 
>>>> suggest anybody who you think should be involved in this too. (Or 
>>>> yourself if you want to be in, or if you have no interest in it.)
>>> Yes, please. I'd like to be a committer.
>> +1 :-)
> Me too please, if you think you still want somebody with GC experience.

Absolutely +1!


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