System.Logger API improvements

Anderson Vasconcelos Pires andvasp at
Tue Mar 30 01:46:30 UTC 2021


Java has several libraries for logging
(SLF4J, Java.util.logging, Logback, Log4j, Log4j2, FLogger) and I believe
We should have a standard for logging like we have for persistence (JPA),
Cache (JCache).

I recently discovered through this maillist that Java has the System.Logger
API. But I think the interface is very limited. It would be good to improve
it so developers can adopt it.

Would it be possible to improve this api or this api is just for internal
jdk use? Could improving it decrease performance? I believe that
*FLogger *would
be a pretty good example to follow.

I tried to find a discussion about this but I did not find one.


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