Some small Gervill fixes

Mark Wielaard mwielaard at
Thu May 1 02:08:40 PDT 2008


I played with Gervill a little and found some small nits. First
SoftSynth lets me unload Instruments from unsupported Soundbanks.
Second some SoundbankReaders would throw IOExceptions on reads from bad
URLs, these could be transient and so shouldn't be thrown to give
another SoundbankReader a chance to try the URL again. And last
DLSSoundbankReader and SF2SoundbankReader wouldn't let me open wrongly
named files.

2008-05-01  Mark Wielaard  <mwielaard at>

    * com/sun/media/sound/ (getSoundbank(URL)):
    Don't throw IOException.
    (getSoundbank(File)): Allow soundbanks not ending in .dls.
    * com/sun/media/sound/ (getSoundbank(URL)):
    Don't throw IOException.
    * com/sun/media/sound/ (getSoundbank(URL)):
    (getSoundbank(File)): Allow soundbanks not ending in .sf2.
    * com/sun/media/sound/ (unloadAllInstruments):
    Check if Soundbank supported.
    (unloadInstruments): Likewise.

Let me know what you think. I added these patches to IcedTea.


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