jtreg testing integrated

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Mon May 19 02:21:11 PDT 2008


I integrated jtreg testing of all the tests included with openjdk into
icedtea. It uses a slightly hacked/merged jtreg/jtharness version that
can be compiled out of the box without requiring any external libraries
(that means, it doesn't support javax.help, javax.servlet, javax.comm,
ant or junit - none of it is necessary for jdk testing). I'll posts the
diffs soon to the appropriate jtreg and jtharness mailinglists for
people interested in this "frankenstein" IcedJTReg (see also the
attached README).

What this means in practice is that you can now just do:
./configure && make && make check -k

Except that you probably want to run "make jtregcheck -k" directly
(otherwise make check will do an "empty build" of all of openjdk first,
which takes a pretty long time, even if nothing should need

make jtregcheck -k runs the testsuites of hotspot (4 tests, all PASS),
langtools (1,342 PASS, 1 FAIL - the version check) and jdk (2,875 tests
of which about 130 fail - rerunning tests now). corba, jaxp and jaxws
don't come with any tests. This takes about 3 hours on my machine.

Most of the failures are because the host javaweb.sfbay.sun.com cannot
be resolved. But there are also some genuine failures in java.awt.color,
jmx.snmp, javax.script, javax.print, ... so enough to do for
enterprising hackers!

The detailed results of the tests can be found under test/jdk/JTreport,
test/langtools/JTreport and test/hotspot/JTreport.

You can also fire up the gui viewer to explore (and rerun) tests:

java -jar test/jtreg.jar -v1 -a -ignore:quiet \
  -w:test/jdk/JTwork -r:test/jdk/JTreport \
  -jdk:`pwd`/openjdk/control/build/linux-amd64/j2sdk-image -gui \

(Replace your architecture and the testsuite name appropriately. Leave
off the -v1 -a -ignore:quiet to run more tests.)

If possible it would be nice if distributions could integrate this into
their package build process and make the results available just like the
integrated mauve testing the fedora and ubuntu are now doing (would
someone care to integrate that into the icedtea build proper?)

Also I hope that over time distributions will package the full versions
of jtreg and jtharness so it is available, with full support,
everywhere. It really is a nice framework to make unit tests in.

Have fun!

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