changeset in /hg/icedtea6: 2008-05-26 Lillian Angel <langel at re...

Mark Wielaard mark at
Mon May 26 12:58:54 PDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-05-26 at 13:14 +0000, Lillian Angel wrote:
> changeset 4ec59f62f6ca in /hg/icedtea6
> details:;node=4ec59f62f6ca
> description:
> 	2008-05-26  Lillian Angel  <langel at>
> 	        * patches/icedtea-certbundle.patch: Added trustStore and
> 	        trustStoreType to props.

Thanks for fixing this. It makes our jtreg results look a lot better!
For make check-jdk: Test results: passed: 2,941; failed: 72; error: 6
Down from 134 failures, 7 errors. Still lots of issues, but it is
starting to look manageable.

New full report upload:
See in particular these two pages for the failures and errors in jdk:
(hotspot passes all 4 tests, langtools has one trivial failure, there
are no tests for corba, jaxp or jaxws)



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