Mercurial mail flood

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu May 29 14:31:46 PDT 2008

Hi all,

That mercurial mail flood on distro-pkg-dev was the result of Andrew's
hard work merging all the icedtea6 changes into icedtea[7] and upgrading
to openjdk b26. Apologies for not realizing in time that this would
replay all of the history (since February!) and generated 287 emails
(urgh). [*]

I'll try and change the scripts so they bundle the commits of one push.
This is what some other openjdk mailinglists seem to do. Although the
actual patches are lost then from the email. Are the mercurial scripts
for those other lists available somewhere?

Thanks and sorry for the spamming,


[*] Currently we use:

incoming.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook

sources = serve push pull bundle
test = False
maxdiff = 500

## key is subscriber email, value is comma-separated list of glob patterns
# We don't want notification of /hg/testrepo, so not included. openjdk
# overrides maxdiff to not send any diffs. The others use the default above.
distro-pkg-dev at = /hg/fedora,/hg/icedtea,/hg/icedtea6,/hg/openjdk,/hg/icepick,/hg/brandweg

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