Mercurial mail flood

Mark Reinhold mr at
Thu May 29 21:05:13 PDT 2008

> Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 23:31:46 +0200
> From: Mark Wielaard <mark at>

> That mercurial mail flood on distro-pkg-dev was the result of Andrew's
> hard work merging all the icedtea6 changes into icedtea[7] and upgrading
> to openjdk b26. Apologies for not realizing in time that this would
> replay all of the history (since February!) and generated 287 emails
> (urgh). [*]

Nice work, but yeah -- that was an awful lot of email ...

> I'll try and change the scripts so they bundle the commits of one push.
> This is what some other openjdk mailinglists seem to do. Although the
> actual patches are lost then from the email. Are the mercurial scripts
> for those other lists available somewhere?

We're using a custom notify script for the OpenJDK repositories.  We
can't publish it just yet -- it's in the same lawyer-wait state as the
jcheck extension.  (I expect that to be resolved in, at most, the next
six weeks.)

Personally I view the inclusion of patches in Mercurial notifications as
a distraction unless they're very short, but I know that opinions differ
on this.

- Mark

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