[patch] Use jar `cat file-list` not gjar -@ stdin extension

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Fri May 30 07:13:03 PDT 2008


Because gjar doesn't understand @file, but it doesn understand -@ to
parse arguments from stdin we have a patch for the bootstrap that uses
that. Unfortunately a bare -@ to mean stdin is a GNU extension which
isn't supported by the openjdk jar utility. So if you do an
icedtea-on-openjdk build this would fail. This patch changes things so
we always just add the arguments on the command line.

2008-05-30  Mark Wielaard  <mark at klomp.org>

    * patches/icedtea-ecj.patch: Use `cat file-list` not gjar -@ stdin.

There was some concern that the command line would have some limit that
might overflow. But this doesn't seem an issue on modern GNU/Linux (or
OpenSolaris) systems. But there is actually a patch for gjar [1] to add
@file support which would be good to add so that the original thing can
be used with any jar utility.


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