[patch] Use BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR not LINUX_DIR for jtreg

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Fri May 30 07:29:55 PDT 2008


Between icedtea/openjdk-b26 and icedtea6/openjdk6-b09 the control/build
dir changed slightly. We already took that in consideration in the
Makefile.am as BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR, but the jtreg check targets still used
a handcoded patch LINUX_DIR. This fixes it to always use the same on
both branches:

2008-05-30  Mark Wielaard  <mark at klomp.org>

    * Makefile.am (check-jdk): Use BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR not LINUX_DIR.
    (check-langtools): Likewise.
    (check-hotspot): Likewise.
    * Makefile.in: Regenerated.


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