IcedTea6 1.11 Released!

Omair Majid omajid at
Mon Jan 30 21:16:18 PST 2012

We are pleased to announce a new major release of IcedTea6, 1.11!

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from 
OpenJDK6 using Free Software build tools. It includes an arm assembly 
port as well as support for alternate virtual machines such as CACAO and 

What's New?

* Use HotSpot 20 as the default virtual machine.
* ARM assembly language port reinstated and updated; details below.
* Allow selection of test suites using the jtreg_checks argument e.g. 
* Drop the outdated NIO2 backport.  Users who want NIO2 should use 
IcedTea 2.x.
* Shark has been disabled
* Fixed build with GCC 4.7
* Bug fixes
   - PR637: make check should exit with an error code if any regression 
test failed.
   - PR752: ImageFormatException extends Exception not RuntimeException
   - PR732: Use xsltproc for bootstrap xslt in place of Xerces/Xalan
   - RH727195: Japanese font mappings are broken
   - LP862286: Fix exception on trying to start PulseAudio playback
   - PR719: make distcheck should work in IcedTea6
* Import of OpenJDK6 b24
   - S7099148: increment build number of hs20.0 to b12
   - S7108221: Backport to jdk6 Hotspot defaults for AMD Bulldozer processor
   - S7080038: (ann) Serializable types in sun.reflect.annotation do not 
declare serialVersionUIDs
   - S6815182: GSSAPI/SPNEGO does not work with server using MIT 
Kerberos library
   - S6979329: CCacheInputStream fails to read ticket cache files from 
Kerberos 1.8.1
   - S7092186: adjust package access in rmiregistry
   - S7110373: krb5 test in openjdk6 without test infrastructure
* Import of OpenJDK6 b23 including upgrade to HotSpot 20
   - S7023111: Add webrev script to make/scripts
   - S6909331: Add to the jdk repository (handy cygwin way to 
get vcvars32.bat run)
   - S6896934: README: Document how the drop source bundles work for 
   - S6896978: README: Updates to openjdk README-builds.html
   - S6903517: README: OpenJDK additions needed - cygwin issues
   - S6903631: README: Build information on Redhat 3.0 builds
   - S7003845: README-builds document proper location of forest 
extension, provide alternatives
   - S7032311: Correct top level 'make test' target and add known 
failures to problem list
   - S7033660: Update copyright year to 2011 on any files changed in 2011
   - S7046448: Correct webrev.ksh to tidy up html output
   - S7060927: Add to make/scripts, used to generate 
changes between tags
   - S7060888: Document OpenJDK6 release procedure
   - S6885308: The incorrect -XX:StackRedPages, -XX:StackShadowPages, 
-XX:StackYellowPages could cause VM crash
   - S6912064: type profiles need to be exploited more for dynamic 
language support
   - S6896381: CTW fails share/vm/ci/bcEscapeAnalyzer.cpp:99, 
assert(_stack_height < _max_stack,"stack overflow")
   - S6978355: renaming for 6961697
   - S6978641: Fix for 6929067 introduces additional overhead in thread 
creation/termination paths
   - S6980262: Memory leak when exception is thrown in static initializer
   - S6910183: CMS: assert(_index < capacity(),"_index out of bounds")
   - S6941275: G1: The MemoryPools are incorrectly supported for G1
   - S6978300: G1: debug builds crash if ParallelGCThreads==0
   - S6980392: TEST_BUG: gc/6581734/ has typo
   - S6980206: G1: assert(has_undefined_max_size, "Undefined max size");
   - S6976400: "Meet Not Symmetric"
   - S6961697: move nmethod constants section before instruction section
   - S4809552: Optimize Arrays.fill(...)
   - S6980978: assert(mt == t->xmeet(this)) failed: meet not commutative
   - S6969586: OptimizeStringConcat: SIGSEGV in LoadNode::Value()
   - S6979444: add command line option to print command line flags 
   - S6870851: Bad frame_chop in StackMapTable crashes JVM
   - S6982851: Add b107 machine classifications to file.
   - S6983320: Fork HS19 to HS20 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
   - S6561870: 3/3 Long javac compile lines fail due to command line 
length issues (agent compiles?)
   - S6765718: Indicate which thread throwing OOME when generating the 
heap dump at OOME
   - S6983930: CMS: Various small cleanups ca September 2010
   - S6981746: G1: SEGV with -XX:+TraceGen0Time
   - S6985022: update make/ for new jdk7 tools
   - S6981773: incorrect fill value with OptimizeFill
   - S6953144: Tiered compilation
   - S6982921: assert(_entry_bci != InvocationEntryBci) failed: wrong 
kind of nmethod
   - S6982533: Crash in  ~StubRoutines::jbyte_fill with AggressiveOpts 
   - S6965815: OptimizeStringConcat: assert(!q->is_MergeMem()) failed 
with specjbb2000
   - S6983073: fix compiler error with GCC 4.4 or newer on SPARC
   - S6934483: GCC 4.5 errors "suggest parentheses around something..." 
when compiling with -Werror and -Wall
   - S6984056: C1: incorrect code for integer constant addition on x64
   - S6919069: client compiler needs to capture more profile information 
for tiered work
   - S6984346: Remove development code in type.hpp
   - S6939224: MethodHandle.invokeGeneric needs to perform the correct 
set of conversions
   - S6982370: SIGBUS in jbyte_fill
   - S6984368: Large default heap size does not allow to use zero based 
compressed oops
   - S6942092: Loader-constraint test is failing
   - S6974813: JVM needs to use demand loading for its DTrace probes
   - S6981753: Rebrand vm vendor property settings
   - S6975210: java.lang.VerifyError in some of JCK tests
   - S6985848: 3/4 fix for 6561870 causes sa-jdi.jar to be rebuilt every 
   - S6987149: Fix incorrect Oracle copyright header in make/templates files
   - S6988779: c1_LIRAssembler_x86.cpp crashes VS2010 compiler
   - S6984979: OptimizeFill misses some cases with an odd memory graph
   - S6986270: guarantee(*bcp != Bytecodes::_monitorenter || exec_mode 
!= Deoptimization::Unpack_exception) fails
   - S6982537: Crash in Node*step_through_mergemem
   - S6972540: sun/nio/ch/SocketChannelImpl compilation crashed when 
executing CompileTheWorld
   - S6986028: assert(_base == Int) failed: Not an Int in CmpINode::sub
   - S6986944: JSR 292 
assert(caller_nm->is_method_handle_return(caller_frame.pc())) failed: 
must be MH call site
   - S6986046: C1 valuestack cleanup
   - S6987115: Non-tiered compilation policy creates unnecessary C1 threads
   - S6987763: assert(kind() == EmptyExceptionState) failed: only 
EmptyExceptionStates can be modified
   - S6987634: JSR 292 assert(start_bci() >= 0 && start_bci() < 
code_size()) failed: correct osr_bci argument
   - S6988303: 6986046 breaks build with recent gcc
   - S6988346: 6986046 breaks tiered
   - S6916062: assert(_inserts <= _insert_limit,"hash table overflow") 
in NodeHash::hash_insert
   - S6968348: Byteswapped memory access can point to wrong location 
after JIT
   - S6989368: Regression in scimark2.MonteCarlo in jdk7_b112 on Linux
   - S6979458: VM crashes when -XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes is too big
   - S6988018: dtrace/hotspot/MethodInvocation/MethodInvocation002 
crashes with client compiler
   - S6989736: fix mapfile warnings on solaris
   - S6984287: Regularize how GC parallel workers are specified.
   - S6983296: build sanity checks for jdk7 should require SS12u1
   - S6941395: G1: Use only lock-free versions of region stack push() 
and pop()
   - S6423256: GC stacks should use a better data structure
   - S6942771: SEGV in ParScanThreadState::take_from_overflow_stack
   - S6692906: CMS: parallel concurrent marking may be prone to hanging 
or stalling mutators for periods of time
   - S6988678: fatal error deadlock handling was unintentionally disabled
   - S6794422: Perm gen expansion policy for concurrent collectors
   - S6983311: G1: LoopTest hangs when run with 
   - S6980838: G1: guarantee(false) failed: thread has an unexpected 
active value in its SATB queue
   - S6980792: Crash "exception happened outside interpreter, nmethods 
and vtable stubs (1)"
   - S6990549: Zero and Shark fixes after 6978355 and 6953144
   - S6829194: JSR 292 needs to support compressed oops
   - S6991065: missed a review comment in 6829194
   - S6991512: G1 barriers fail with 64bit C1
   - S6987555: JSR 292 unboxing to a boolean value fails on big-endian SPARC
   - S6991211: assert failure on sparc: "can not have caller-save 
register operands at calls"
   - S6971296: G1: simplify G1RemSet class hierarchy
   - S6989448: G1: refactor and simplify G1ParScanThreadState
   - S6988363: Rebrand vm vendor property settings (jdk7 only)
   - S6763959: java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport.parkUntil(0) 
blocks forever
   - S6983240: guarantee((Solaris::min_stack_allowed >= 
(StackYellowPages+StackRedPages...) wrong
   - S6989297: Integrate additional portability improvements
   - S6392697: Additional flag needed to supress Hotspot warning messages
   - S6992477: fix for 6991512 broke sparc barriers
   - S6989669: Coops: -Xshare:dump causes crash
   - S6992267: Bump the HS20 build number to 02
   - S6991315: RedefineClasses fails with java.lang.VerifyError
   - S6988353: refactor contended sync subsystem
   - S6891959: HotSpot should not throw ClassFormatError if a class has 
a field with '>' and/or '<' in its name
   - S6990359: G1: don't push a stolen entry on the taskqueue, deal with 
it directly
   - S6992189: G1: inconsistent base used in sparse rem set iterator
   - S6988458: G1: assert(mr.end() <= _cm->finger()) failed: otherwise 
the region shouldn't be on the stack
   - S6991377: G1: race between concurrent refinement and humongous 
object allocation
   - S6992998: CMSWaitDuration=0 causes hangs with 
   - S6896603: CMS/GCH: collection_attempt_is_safe() ergo should use 
more recent data
   - S6995045: assert(!gch->incremental_collection_failed()) failed: 
Error, defNewGeneration.cpp:827
   - S6996136: VM crash in src/share/vm/runtime/virtualspace.cpp:424
   - S6997495: correction of regression test compiler/6857159/Test6857159
   - S6991577: add IfOp optimization to C1
   - S6991596: JSR 292 unimplemented adapter_opt_i2i and adapter_opt_l2i 
   - S6990192: VM crashes in ciTypeFlow::get_block_for()
   - S6968367: can_post_on_exceptions is still using VM_DeoptimizeFrame 
in some places
   - S6970683: improvements to hs_err output
   - S6994130: Zero PowerPC fix
   - S6994630: java/lang/instrument/ fails 
with -XX:+EnableInvokeDynamic
   - S6981788: GC map generator sometimes picks up the wrong kind of 
instruction operand
   - S6994093: MethodHandle.invokeGeneric needs porting to SPARC
   - S6981777: implement JSR 292 EG adjustments from summer 2010
   - S6984311: JSR 292 needs optional bootstrap method parameters
   - S6987135: Performance regression on Intel platform with 32-bits 
edition between 6u13 and 6u14.
   - S6996240: The BitSet.length method sometimes returns an index+1 
value less than that of the highest bit set.
   - S6997459: JSR 292 after 6994093 getting: on return to interpreted 
call, restored SP is corrupted
   - S6996563: 6984311 changes forgot to update vmStructs.cpp for new 
field _operands
   - S6997456: Not possible to build just compiler2
   - S6997311: SIGFPE in new long division asm code
   - S6991188: C2 Crashes while compiling method
   - S6998737: JSR 292: Remove the plug guarding the use of compressed oops
   - S6839891: Array overrun in vm ci
   - S6997698: Bump the HS20 build number to 03
   - S6997298: fatal error: must own lock CMS_markBitMap_lock during 
heap dump
   - S6996613: CompactibleFreeListSpace::print should call 
CompactibleFreeListSpace::print_on, not Space::print_on
   - S6998802: ScavengeALot: 
assert(!gch->incremental_collection_failed()) failed: Twice in a row
   - S6865028: Illegal instructions passing verification prior to 
'invokespecial Object.<init>'
   - S6981737: The java.vm.specification.version property is 1.0, seems 
like it should be 2.0
   - S7000578: CMS: assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) 
failed: Else races are possible
   - S6978187: G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads>  1 || n_yielded() == 
_hrrs->occupied()) strikes again
   - S6999491: non-zero COOPs are used when they should not
   - S7000349: Tiered reacts incorrectly to C1 compilation failures
   - S7000491: assert(false) failed: should be optimized out in 
   - S6751923: JNDI wake up when clock_settime() is called
   - S6837842: JNI_CreateJavaVM crashes under impersonation
   - S7002129: Zero and Shark fixes, 3rd
   - S6989984: Use standard include model for Hospot
   - S6974966: G1: unnecessary direct-to-old allocations
   - S6983204: G1: Nightly test nsk/regression/b4958615 failing with 
   - S7003860: G1: assert(_cur_alloc_region == NULL || 
!expect_null_cur_alloc_region) fails
   - S6780143: hs203t003 hits SIGSEGV/EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION with 
   - S6987107: Add variable to add to but not modify non-fcs version string
   - S7003456: ADLC files not correctly generated on Windows
   - S6348631: remove the use of the HPI library from Hotspot
   - S7004217: Remove IA64 workaround re-introduced with CR6953477
   - S7003125: precompiled.hpp is included when precompiled headers are 
not used
   - S7003786: sort Obj_Files before compiling
   - S6981484: Update development launcher
   - S6704010: Internal Error 
   - S7003782: Update JVMTI version to 1.2 for jdk7
   - S6539281: -Xcheck:jni should validate char* argument to 
   - S7003789: PTRACE_GETREGS problems with SA on Linux.
   - S6994056: G1: when GC locker is active, extend the Eden instead of 
allocating into the old gen
   - S6994628: G1: Test gc/gctests/FinalizeTest05 fails (one live object 
is finalized)
   - S7001033: assert(gch->gc_cause() == GCCause::_scavenge_alot || 
   - S7002546: regression on SpecJbb2005 on 7b118 comparing to 7b117 on 
small heaps
   - S7005259: CMS: BubbleUpRef asserts referent(obj)->is_oop() failed: 
Enqueued a bad referent
   - S7006221: Bump the HS20 build number to 04
   - S7007229: Fix warnings with VS2010 in compressedStream.cpp
   - S7001363: java/dyn/InvokeDynamic should not be a well-known class 
in the JVM
   - S6985015: C1 needs to support compressed oops
   - S7002666: eclipse CDT projects crash with compressed oops
   - S6875026: CTW failure 
   - S6998985: faulty generic arraycopy on windows x86_64: 4th arg 
overwritten with oop
   - S7003554: (tiered) assert(is_null_object() || handle() != NULL) 
failed: cannot embed null pointer
   - S6961690: load oops from constant table on SPARC
   - S7003798: test/compiler/6991596 fails with true != false
   - S7004530: casx used for 32 bit cas after 7003554
   - S7001379: bootstrap method data needs to be moved from constant 
pool to a classfile attribute
   - S7004925: CTW: assert(nbits == 32 || -(1 << nbits-1) <= x && x < ( 
1 << nbits-1)) failed: value out of range
   - S7005241: C1: SEGV in 
java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.xfer() with compressed oops
   - S6993125: runThese crashes with 
   - S7004940: CTW: assert(!def_outside->member(r)) failed: Use of 
external LRG overlaps the same LRG
   - S6989076: JVM crashes in klassItable::initialize_itable_for_interface
   - S7004582: Add GetThisObject() function to JVMTI 1.2
   - S7005007: Refine use of ALT_COMPILER_PATH to avoid conflict with 
JPRT usage
   - S6988439: Parallel Class Loading test deadlock involving 
MethodData_lock and Pending List Lock
   - S7003748: Decode C stack frames when symbols are presented 
(PhoneHome project)
   - S7006471: fix for 6988439 crashes when pending list lock is null
   - S7006659: temporary adlc files are added to the build variables
   - S7006354: Updates to Visual Studio project creation and development 
   - S7000559: G1: assertion failure !outer || (full_collections_started 
== _full_collections_completed + 1)
   - S7003707: need to remove (some) system include files from the 
HotSpot header files
   - S7006113: G1: Initialize ReferenceProcessor::_is_alive_non_header field
   - S6807801: CMS: could save/restore fewer header words during scavenge
   - S6896624: G1: hotspot:::gc and hotspot:::mem-pool-gc probes are not 
   - S7008759: Bump the HS20 build number to 05
   - S7003487: clhsdbproc stacktrace fails on x64
   - S7007769: VM crashes with SIGBUS writing PerfData if tmp space is full
   - S7008444: Remove unnecessary include of stdint.h in java_md.c
   - S6961186: Better VM handling of unexpected exceptions from 
application native code
   - S6987812: 2/3 SAJDI: "gHotSpotVMTypes was not initialized properly 
in the remote process"
   - S6975480: VS2010 says _STATIC_CPPLIB is deprecated, may need to 
change this usage
   - S7006044: materialize cheap non-oop pointers on 64-bit SPARC
   - S6765546: Wrong sscanf used to parse CompilerOracle command >= 32 
characters could lead to crash
   - S6839888: Array overrun in vm adlc
   - S7006505: Use kstat info to identify SPARC processor
   - S6579789: Internal error "c1_LinearScan.cpp:1429 Error: 
assert(false,"")" in debuggee with fastdebug VM
   - S6990933: assert(sender_cb) failed: sanity in 
   - S7008165: Garbage in ClassFormatError message
   - S7003130: assert(iterations<CG_BUILD_ITER_LIMIT) failed: infinite 
EA connection graph
   - S7008466: Tiered: Enable testing of tiered compilation in JPRT
   - S7007377: JSR 292 MethodHandlesTest.testCastFailure fails on SPARC 
with -Xcomp +DeoptimizeALot
   - S7009231: C1: Incorrect CAS code for longs on SPARC 32bit
   - S7009359: HS with -XX:+AggressiveOpts optimize new 
StringBuffer(null) so it does not throw NPE as expected
   - S7008325: CodeCache exhausted on sparc starting from hs20b04
   - S6928562: Assert(_no_handle_mark_nesting==0,"allocating handle 
inside NoHandleMark")
   - S7009849: C1: Incorrect frame size computation
   - S6302804: Hotspot VM dies ungraceful death when C heap is exhausted 
in various places.
   - S6583275: Hotspot crash in vm_perform_shutdown_actions due to 
uninitialized TLS during out of memory handling
   - S7009975: Large file support broken in hs20-b04
   - S7009268: guarantee(middle - slop > start) failed: need enough 
space to divide up
   - S7003271: Hotspot should track cumulative Java heap bytes allocated 
on a per-thread basis
   - S7010068: Update all 2010 Oracle-changed OpenJDK files to have the 
proper copyright dates - first pass
   - S7011125: Bump the HS20 build number to 06
   - S7010618: C1: array length should be treated at int on 64bit during 
array allocation
   - S7009756: volatile variables could be broken throw reflection API
   - S6876037: CTW fails jdk7/hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/type.cpp:2055. 
assert(bits,"Use TypePtr for NULL")
   - S7010180: JSR 292 InvokeDynamicPrintArgs fails with: 
assert(_adapter == NULL) failed: init'd to NULL
   - S7010913: JSR 292 ciMethodHandle does not handle 
MethodHandleCompiler exceptions properly
   - S4930919: race condition in MDO creation at back branch locations
   - S7011386: race in objArrayKlass::array_klass_impl
   - S7011627: C1: call_RT must support targets that don't fit in wdisp30
   - S7010665: Misplaced membar in C1 implementation of Unsafe.get/putXXX
   - S6458402: 3 jvmti tests fail with CMS and +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
   - S6814943: getcpool001 catches more than one JvmtiThreadState problem
   - S7011463: Sparc MacroAssembler::incr_allocated_bytes() needs a 
RegisterOrConstant argument
   - S6994753: Implement optional hook to a Java method at VM startup.
   - S7009828: Fix for 6938627 breaks visualvm monitoring when is defined
   - S7008136: CMS: assert((HeapWord*)nextChunk <= _limit) failed: sweep 
   - S7007068: G1: refine the BOT during evac failure handling
   - S6994297: G1: do first-level slow-path allocations with a CAS
   - S6941122: G1: UseLargePages does not work with G1 garbage collector
   - S7011940: iCMS: SIGSEGV in 
   - S7012348: Bump the HS20 build number to 07
   - S6966589: hs16-b08 causes java.lang.StackOverflowError
   - S7012965: Fix failed on sparc for 7009756: volatile variables could 
be broken throw reflection API
   - S7012766: assert(false) failed: DEBUG MESSAGE in 
   - S4926272: methodOopDesc::method_from_bcp is unsafe
   - S6811367: Fix code in HeapDumper::dump_heap() to avoid buffer overrun
   - S7012493: 2/2 6849574/ fails with Internal Error 
   - S7013008: 2/3 assert(method == NULL || check_method(method, bcp)) 
failed: bcp must point into method
   - S7012505: fails with Internal Error 
   - S7011379: G1: overly long concurrent marking cycles
   - S7012642: G1: JumbleGC002 test aborts with segmentation violation 
due to uncaught stack overflow
   - S6977804: G1: remove the zero-filling thread
   - S7013812: C1: deopt blob too far from patching stub
   - S7014247: CTW fails when compile sun/misc/AtomicLongCSImpl (REMOVED 
from JDK7)
   - S7014998: assert(is_T_family(features) == is_niagara(features)) 
failed: Niagara should be T series
   - S7013718: G1: small fixes for two assert/guarantee failures
   - S7014261: G1: RSet-related failures
   - S7014679: G1: deadlock during concurrent cleanup
   - S7016474: string compare intrinsic improvements
   - S7018101: os::dll_address_to_function_name returning wrong answers 
in 64 bit
   - S6999988: CMS: Increased fragmentation leading to promotion failure 
after CR#6631166 got implemented
   - S7017746: Regression : C2 compiler crash due to SIGSEGV in 
   - S7020550: Bump the HS20 build number to 10
   - S7020042: G1: Partially remove fix for 6994628
   - S7020846: Update Hotspot 20 to use jdk6 as JPRT release target
   - S7018056: large pages not always enabled by default
   - S7026619: Bump the HS20 build number to 11
   - S7020373: JSR rewriting can overflow memory address size variables
   - S6989150: JCK7: 3 deserialization tests for javax.xml classes fail 
since JDK7-b112
   - S7013970: Code.toString can exit VM
   - S7013971: Problem with saaj/soap1.2
   - S7016340: Problem with saaj/soap1.2
   - S7052870: Update bundle name and download location for jaxws bundle
   - S6998583: NativeSeedGenerator is making 8192 byte read requests 
from entropy pool
   - S6768387, PR670: REGRESSION: JTable no longer serializable
   - S7032311: Correct top level 'make test' target and add known 
failures to problem list
   - S7029905: demo applets missing some html files
   - S7033660: Update copyright year to 2011 on any files changed in 2011
   - S7000693: java.sql.Timestamp compareTo() issues using low values
   - S6599601: Permissions/AWTWindowTest and Permissions/DFLoadTest 
failed in PIT 7.0 B20 on Windows Vista
   - S7042040: Remove disk space sanity check
   - S7041635: copyright notice error
   - S6618658: Deserialization allows creation of mutable SignedObject
   - S7013969: NetworkInterface.toString can reveal bindings
   - S7016495: Crash in Java 2D transforming an image with scale close 
to zero
   - S7016985: (launcher) implement safe secure dll loading
   - S6213702: (so) non-blocking sockets with TCP urgent disabled get 
still selected for read ops (win)
   - S7013519: [parfait] Integer overflows in 2D code
   - S7012520: Heap overflow vulnerability in
   - S7032593: DLL_LOADING: Upgrade solution to 7016985 to reflect JDK7 
   - S7020198: ImageIcon creates Component with null acc
   - S7060890: Update openjdk6 problemList file on jdk regression tests
   - S7031238: Problem with fix for 6981922
   - S6507024: casting an array to a generic type results in a 
'capture#69 of ?' type error
   - S6502392: Invalid relative names for Filer.createResource and 
   - S7003006: add option to list directory in deterministic order
   - S6999460: Glassfish build with JDK 6 / 7 is 5x-10x slower on 
Windows than on Linux
   - S6999891: DefaultFileManager incorrect
   - S7033660: Update copyright year to 2011 on any files changed in 2011
* Backports
   - S7019861: Last scanline skipped when doing AA.
   - S6748082: remove platform-specific code from 
   - S6708580: Java applications slow when EXA enabled
   - S6986968: Crash on XIM server restart
   - S7018387: Xrender pipeline may leak GC's
   - S7036754: Stroked quads sometimes contain NaN
   - S7008106: com/sun/awt/Translucency/ test fails.
   - S6956668: misbehavior of XOR operator (^) with int
   - S6699843: IllegalArgumentException when using Graphics.drawString( 
"", 0, 0 )
   - S6918065: Crash in Java2D blit loop 
(IntArgbToIntArgbPreSrcOverMaskBlit) in 64bit mode
   - S6623219: Font.canDisplayUpTo does not work with supplementary 
   - S6783910: java.awt.Color.brighter()/darker() methods make color opaque
   - S6785424: SecurityException locating physical fonts on Windows 
Terminal Server
   - S7047069: Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an 
object field
   - S6796786: invalid FP identity transform - (a - b) -> b - a
   - S7042070: Typo in
   - S7029152: Ideal nodes for String intrinsics miss memory edge 
   - S6679308: Poor text rendering on translucent image
   - S6842838: 64-bit failure in handling invalid manifest in launcher.
   - S6882768: Test for 6842838 is broken
   - S6711682: JCheckBox in JTable: checkbox doesn't always respond to 
the first mouse click
   - S7016856: fix dashing performance regression. Improve other 
rendering performance.
   - S6934977: MappedByteBuffer.load crashes with SIGBUS.
   - S6758179: D3D: AlphaComposite is applied incorrectly for uncached 
opaque BufferedImage
   - S7049339: Image copy operations with a custom composite and a 
complex clip fail.
   - S6613904: javax.swing.GroupLayout.createParallelGroup(..) doesn't 
throw IllegalArgumentException for null arg
   - S4917091: javac rejects array over 128 in length
   - S6390045: Unexpected error "cannot access java.lang.Void" with 
'-target cldc1.0' with -source >=1.5
   - S6752638: java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.preferLocaleFonts() throws 
NPE on Linux
   - S5047314: [Col] runs indefinitely for a certain 
set of Thai strings
   - S6669869: Beans.isDesignTime() and other queries should be 
   - S6934356: Vector.writeObject() serialization may deadlock
   - S7036582: Improve test coverage of java.math.BigDecimal
   - S6806261: BigDecimal.longValueExact() method throws 
   - S6371401: java.math.BigInteger.shift(Integer.MIN_VALUE) throws 
   - S6826104, RH730015: Getting a NullPointer exception when clicked on 
Application & Toolkit Modal dialog
   - S5082756: Image I/O plug-ins set metadata boolean attributes to 
"true" or "false"
   - S6296893: BMP Writer handles TopDown property incorrectly for some 
of the compression types
   - S7103224: collision between __LEAF define in interfaceSupport.hpp 
and /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h with gcc
   - S7103610, RH683768: _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE are not set
   - S7140882: Don't return booleans from methods returning pointers
* ARM Port
   - Ported to the EABI hard-fp model
   - Locking for multi-core operation added.
   - Many minor bugs fixed.
   - CA149: Used wrong class loader.
   - CA159: Exception handler blocks / register mixup.
   - CA162: Make class init protection aware of multiple threads.
   - CA163: descriptor_params_from_paramtypes is protected by a mutex now.
   - CA164: Get rid of mysterious 10 trailing bytes in literal strings.
   - ARM: Remove broken support for float argument passing in registers.
   - ARM: Remove hack for return value in float registers.
   - ARM: Fixed use of uninitialized variable.
   - ARM: removed unused ICMD_GETSTATIC branch.
   - ARM: Designate function labels as such; required for thumb 
   - src/vm/javaobjects.cpp (java_lang_reflect_Method::invoke): stack 
index of caller was off by one, causing apt failures.
   - Set thread to RUNNABLE during Thread.start.
   - Removed state-setting function call that would be done by the 
thread itself, creating a nasty race.
   - Threadlist & threadobject improvements.
* JamVM
   - PR772: jtreg LocalOnlyTest sends SIGQUIT to all processes on exit.
   - LP827463: Fix OpenJDK enclosingMethodInfo().
   - Add support for armhf.
   - Skip Java-reflection-related DelegatingClassLoaders, enables JamVM 
to run NetBeans.
   - Generic JNI stubs for common JNI method signatures.
   - Implement classlibCheckIfOnLoad().
   - Make thread states JVMTI compatible.
   - Add OpenBSD/sparc to list of recognised hosts.
   - Handle 'g' when specifying memory + extra checks.
   - armhf: ensure stack is 8 byte aligned.
   - "Fix" handling of CLI bootclasspath options.
   - Fix for StackTraceElement checkin.
   - Ignore assertions and verify options.
   - Fix typo in definition of ACC_MIRANDA.
   - Intern strings when creating a StackTraceElement.
   - Remove empty clobber.
   - Use dots instead of slashes in classname for exception.
   - Correct thrown exception by bootstrap loader.
   - Put parsing of -cp and -classpath options back in.
   - Fix threading of references list during compaction.
   - Further fix to freeClassData for native methods.
   - Fix class GC with classes containing Miranda methods.
   - Propogate initialisation errors to top-level.
   - Make classlib init functions consistent + warnings.
   - Correctly implement sun.misc.Unsafe freeMemory().
   - Move lazy-loading to init function.
   - Fix various warnings with -Wall.
   - PrintThreadsDump needs "self" as argument.
   - CopyMemory, etc. handle negative or truncation in length.
   - Extra sun.misc.Unsafe functions.
   - Ignore options for jtreg tests.
   - Enable shutdownVM to be called with OpenJDK classlib.
   - Initial implementation of JVM_FindClassFromBootLoader.
   - Fix callJNIMethod on i386 with -fomit-frame-pointer.
   - Fix backwards cache conflict resolution code.
   - Unify command line options parsing.
   - Remove debug printf.
   - Fix leak of native thread structure.
   - Consistent naming for classlib functions.
   - Add extra includes to get rid off compiler warning.
   - Rework OpenJDK storage of native thread structure.
   - Implement remaining OpenJDK Array reflection interface.
   - Added LDFLAGS for JamVM to fix the SELinux executable flag issue.
* Zero/Shark
   - PR690: Shark fails to JIT using hs20.
   - PR696: Zero fails to handle fast_aldc and fast_aldc_w in hs20.

The tarball can be downloaded from:
sha256sum: e7d2bc08008de918ca54f8dcd1f8d75c7829948da6b1a9c06761c74a563c3eba

The following people helped with this release:

* Andrew Haley
* Andrew John Hughes
* Andrew Su
* Danesh Dadachanji
* Deepak Bhole
* Denis Lila
* Matthias Klose
* Jiri Vanek
* Mark Wielaard
* Omair Majid
* Pavel Tisnovsky
* Xerxes Rånby

A huge thanks to everyone who helped us test and reported bugs!

To get started:
$ tar xf icedtea6-1.11.tar.gz
$ cd icedtea6-1.11
$ ./configure
$ make

Full build requirements and instructions are available in the INSTALL file.


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