[rfc][icedtea-web] save runn urls to property

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Wed Mar 5 14:19:46 UTC 2014

On 03/04/2014 11:26 PM, Andrew Azores wrote:
> On 02/19/2014 09:56 AM, Jiri Vanek wrote:
>> hi!
>> As java abrt connector is sending quite good reports, the url, on which I can reproduce the issue is missing. So always my first question in bug is "may you please post url" ?
>> Also java connector is printing out system properties. So it crossed my mind to store the launched jnlps/htmls for this usage. I have quite mixed feelings about it but do not have it makes java-abrt-connector a bit useless (users donot care to much about auto generated bugs)
>> - see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1060390
>> This needs also some more work on java-abrt-conenctor - see https://github.com/jfilak/abrt-java-connector/issues/34
>> J.
> I like the intent behind the patch but I don't know if I really like using system properties for this :/

I'm not sure with them too:(

 > not that I have any better ideas off the top of my head.

The abrt agent can actually do anything. My another idea is to store it in some static (private) variable. The whitleist in issue 34 will then be package.class fieldName

 > But this just does not seem to me like what the properties are meant to be used for.

Agree. And my concern is that with this, *maybe* (but probably) all appelts which can read properties, will be able to spy history.

I have commented also https://github.com/jfilak/abrt-java-connector/issues/34
> It seems like nobody else is chiming in with any better ideas, and you're right that the automatic bug reports are a little bit useless without something like this, so if you have no better implementations in mind then I suppose this will have to suffice.

What do you thnk about this approach? (otherwise it will be same)
Thank you!


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