How to have WebStart create start menu items (on Linux)?

Omair Majid omajid at
Wed Mar 12 16:04:30 UTC 2014


* Stefan Reich <stefan.reich.maker.of.eye at> [2014-03-09 11:13]:
> I have successfully deployed a WebStart app on both Windows and IcedTea.

Good to hear!

> Just about the only thing I'm missing (- apart from a certificate from a CA
> that I can afford - ) is to place entries in the start menu.
> But anyways - WebStart/IcedTea should be able to do it, right? I am getting a
> desktop short cut alright, just none in the start menu.

I think this feature is currently un-implemented [1]. If you can provide
patches, I am sure we will try and incorporate them.

The implementation of menus is described in the Desktop Menu
Specification [2].



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