[rfc][icedtea-web] Launching PolicyEditor from CertWarningPane

Andrew Azores aazores at redhat.com
Fri Mar 14 16:00:28 UTC 2014

> many import issues. Invaid(how comae? My wrong I guess) and especially unused imports.
> I gave up an code a bit O:). So user experience:
> popupmenu - best handling is NOT to add as component. And do not show them in actionPerforemd.
> Show them *without* parent, in mause Clicked - it have positionOnScreen, and you show the poup menu 
> on this pposition. Should work like charm.

This seems to work well, thanks for the tip.

> I would excude this "V" from pproperties. Also the button s quote wide. Maybe use image rather?

I tried using an image now but wasn't really happy with the results. I've changed it instead to a unicode character that looks like the three horizontal line overflow menu icon that's being used by iOS and Android. I think it's pretty nice although the button is still a bit wide.

> Interesting state - dialog appeared , I clicked "V" clicked  show policy editor, it apeared, I 
> clicked cancel in mian dilog/or ok in main dialog.. The editro should be modal

Hmm, well it's a JFrame, so I can't easily make it modal I don't think. Maybe as a separate changeset PolicyEditor can be made into a JDialog and CertWarningPane can then be made to use it as a modal dialog?

> How does it behave for  yes/no/cancel/close of policy editor?

The CertWarningPane doesn't know about this at all. All it knows about is if it has a PolicyEditor reference, and if it does, if the editor is still open or has been closed.

>   - small nit - other codebases in editor are confusing.
> Thanx!
>    J.

I suppose, but PolicyEditor doesn't have any mechanism right now to display only one codebase when there are also others present in the policy file.


Andrew A
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