AArch64 updates for icedtea7-forest

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Tue Mar 18 17:00:49 UTC 2014

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> On 03/18/2014 04:42 PM, Andrew Dinn wrote:
> > Hmm, I was assuming that adding support for our AArch64 JVM would break
> > support for Zero AArch64. That's maybe not a bad thing but is it intended?
> Does anyone care?  It might, I suppose, but ATM can't see why it would.

I can't see why it would. x86 & amd64 already work for both Zero and non-Zero builds.

As you can see in the cleanup I just pushed:


Most of the changes are duplicated by Zero AArch64 support; the Platform.gmk & SoundDefs.gmk
changes were already present so I've removed them and also reordered things so they are again
listed alphabetically.

The only changes specific to the AArch64 port are the new jvm.cfg and mapfile, as well as
the CFLAGS (Zero sets its own):

ifeq ($(ZERO_BUILD), true)
  ifeq ($(ZERO_ENDIANNESS), little)

So I don't see how the AArch64 port changes will have any effect on Zero.

> Andrew.

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