revive hg tags

Stefan Ring stefan at
Wed Mar 19 09:52:05 UTC 2014

> i do not see them in hg tags command. I am missing something?
> (hsn at sanatana:pts/3):~/live/icedtea7% hg incoming
> comparing with
> searching for changes
> no changes found
> (hsn at sanatana:pts/3):~/live/icedtea7% hg tags
> tip                             2697:7c7dba98193f
> icedtea-2.4-branchpoint         2646:d0b14be8cbf8
> icedtea-2.3-branchpoint         2586:60c41b88775a
> icedtea-2.2-branchpoint         2545:2917541bbda4
> icedtea-2.1-branchpoint         2507:d35c742babc0
> icedtea-2.0-branchpoint         2485:e4c9d9bd4a99
> icedtea-1.14                    2438:1b47f8cc8c75
> icedtea-1.13                    2334:13b9a6c00673
> icedtea-1.12                    2054:d96a0228b792
> icedtea-1.11                    1970:df574d432c00
> icedtea-1.10                    1853:9729b3a51305
> icedtea-1.9                     1766:db666234267c
> icedtea6-1.4                    1596:2b1c03c1e9fa
> icedtea6-1.4pre                 1594:6c02b699206d
> icedtea-1.8                     1437:3ced1c5f1403
> icedtea6-1.3.1                  1369:be368b1e3c7d
> icedtea6-1.3                    1305:3ef9c9c4e70b
> icedtea-1.7                     1037:8bbc4ffe2c7c
> icedtea6-1.2                    1023:871b70407a13
> icedtea6-1.1                     906:a5c32475a2e8
> icedtea6-1.0                     761:38e6eb354632
> icedtea-1.6                      604:bb3929528d3e
> icedtea-1.5                      430:5ca86e9ca405
> icedtea-1.4                      252:cb78e0fccf14
> icedtea-1.3                      170:8ea2619c21cf
> icedtea-1.2                      130:1ce086327b07
> icedtea-1.1                       83:b639d73581e3
> icedtea-1.0                        6:96e1bdfed80e

Strange and definitely a problem on your side of things. There is a
.hg/cache/tags file, which you could try to delete. While you're at
it, just remove the entire .hg/cache directory. That might be the
culprit, although I've never experienced a problem with it in many
years of Mercurial usage.

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