IcedTea-Web 1.8 released!

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Wed Mar 13 12:42:56 UTC 2019

I'm happy to announce that ITW with native launchers is finally out  -

Multiplatform portable build:

Windows portable build :

Linux portable build:



all with signatures verifiable by fingerprint:
    C058 EF1E 7498 12E6 A486  384B 53B5 CFF6 71EE ED59

f0ecea7c7edc4906d5dc963df939624b6895da9605f7350057e20b76d30ffd15  icedtea-web-1.8.tar.gz
f23dc0285f7beb686d29b57c52a45ff70eb710755e9dd85c19cf5fcfba90732b  itw-installer.msi

New in release 1.8 (2019-03-12):
* added support for javafx-desc and so allwong run of pure-javafx only applications
* --nosecurity enhanced for possibility to skip invalid signatures
* enhanced to allow resources to be read also from j2se/java element (OmegaT)
* PR3644 - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class
* deployment.config now support generic url instead just file
* Added support for windows desktop shortcuts via
* cache can now be operated by groups, list by -Xcacheids (details via -verbose, can filter by
regex), Xclearcache now can clear only selected id. There is also gui to operate cache via id in
itweb-settings now.
* desktop shortcut name get shortened to title or file if title is missing.
* shared native launchers
* scripted launchers rework: Windows bat launchers rewritten to be feature complete, Linux shell
launchers made portable, build enhanced to produce platform independent image

Known bugs:
3705 --- 	Webstarted application tries to load resources from server incorrectly
3704 --- 	IcedTeaWeb doesn't run SAP PI web start interface - LAZY_CLASSLOADING_FAILED
3697 --- 	Custom JRE/JDK within UTF-8 folder name ( key deployment.jre.dir in in are not properly handled
3689 --- 	DownloadService2 not implemented
3672 --- 	Classloader doesn't load jar correctly from JNLP extension
3461 ---	(still) Cannot run HP ILO4 remote console application
3707 ---	Linux build keeps pulling dunce even if it is ifcfged out
Windows desktop shortcuts are suspected to not work with jdk11 and up

On Linux side, except native launchers and few bug fixes, not much changed. But for windows support
this is giant leap to be finally proper replacement for oracle javaws.

For 1.9 the plan is to remove plugin completely, and to move to github and under the wings of


Jiri Vanek
Senior QE engineer, OpenJDK QE lead, Mgr.
Red Hat Czech
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