[Bug 3684] Contributing icedtea-web Windows Extensions

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Thu Mar 14 20:01:03 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from Justin Reock <jreock at gmail.com> ---
Hi Jiri,

I am in the process of breaking out these changes and applying them in small
logical commits to the 1.7.2 (07c6f970a4c9) revision -- hopefully that will
reduce the amount of backporting you have to do. :) 

My plan is just to make my changes, commit them, and then submit the commit
hash to the distro-pkg-dev list.  

As we discussed, I'll be doing them in functional, logically complete segments
for each bit of new functionality.

Is this the correct approach, or am I missing any steps?

Thanks so much and sorry this is taking so long!


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