Startup and Usage questions about IceTea-Web

A Z poweruserm at
Tue Mar 26 03:04:15 UTC 2019

-Does icedtea-web have its own internal java runtime?

-It is possible to ask icedtea-web to defer to a separate java runtime
 and use that to run itself, instead of its own? Does it default to a
separate runtime anyway?

-Does Java icedtea-web include support for java applets as well as java web start, jnlp?

-I have had some issues understanding the examples material.  If a client PC wants icedtea-web
to be running in the background, so that a web browser will (seamlessly) open an applet or jnlp,
what does the user have to do to have icedtea-web running in the background, appropriately, for that?
Does this in fact require the appropriate web browser plugin?

-I have read that iced-tea has a web browser plugin for the major browsers (Firefox).  Does this include
support for Edge or Internet Explorer, or not, or not yet?  Are these Windows OS plugins, as well?

-I can't find the plugin file(s) for Firefox in the latest version download.  Where do I get
the Firefox plugin from?  Are these plugins built, and not in source code form?
Where on the internet do I download the built version of the plugin from?

-Can the plugin versions be configured to run on a secondary java runtime,
which is not its own, as per my earlier questions, or do they default to using
a separate runtime anyway?
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