Questions about icedtea-web. CORRECTED QUESTIONS.

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Tue Mar 26 16:41:58 UTC 2019

On 3/26/19 9:13 AM, A Z wrote:
> -It is possible to ask icedtea-web to defer to a separate java runtime and use that to run jnlp
> code, instead of its own accompanying runtime? Does it default to a separate java runtime anyway?

ITW do not have JRE bundled. It can run with any installed JRE 8-12 it finds, or you tell it to use.

> -I have had some issues understanding the examples material.  If a client PC wants icedtea-web to be
> running in the background, so that a web browser will open a  jnlp program, what does the user have
> to do to have icedtea-web running in the background, appropriately, for that?

You are on gui, right? So every process, even javaws are run on background.  javaws and jnlp was not
designed for system services, but you can do it.  Abit creepy, but why not. Itw then will be runing
without you , knowing it (after you approved it to run).
> Does this in fact require the appropriate web browser plugin?

browser plugin is dead and, although you can make it work, don tdo it. It will be removed from next
releases. To run javaws/jnlp no plugin is needed. You have to had jnlp file and/or jnlp  protocol
associated. MSI or rpms are doing this for you. With ITW from zip, you have to set it up on your own.
> -I have read that iced-tea has a web browser plugin for the major browsers (Firefox).  Does this include
> support for Edge or Internet Explorer, or not, or not yet?  Is there a 64 bit Firefox plugins, as well?

There was for of itw to support IE and its terrible activex, but was never passed hello word, and is
dead.  Appelts are dead. deal with it. Dont use them. Run away when you see that. Itw still have
NPAPI (everything except IE) plugin, but it is already now rotten.
> -I can't find the plugin file(s) for Firefox in the latest version download.  Where do I get the
> Firefox plugin from?  Are these plugins built software, and are they indeed not in source code form?
> Where on the internet do I download the built version of the plugin from?

Standalonebinaries can not have proper plugin, so it is removed from them. You need distribution
build to have it. And you need old dsitribution to gave it (eg rhel6).
Appelts are dead. Really fly away!  Frm your words I guess you are on windows. that is double bad luck.

> -Can the plugin(s) versions be configured to run on a secondary java runtime, which is not its own,
> as per my earlier questions, or do they default to using a separate runtime anyway?
Plugin on ITW was designed to have shared JRE, selected as descibed above. Plugin being dead, this
is academical question.


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