Questions about IcedTeaWeb

A Z poweruserm at
Wed Mar 27 01:40:58 UTC 2019

Many thanks for Jiri Vanek for answering my IceadTea Questions.

-I have downloaded the latest stable version of ITW, which does look
as though its number is (1.1.4 1.8<>) and have found
the startup examples on the webpage a little to confusing to follow.

-If my destined user setup is 64 bit Windows 10, with someone running
Firefox 64 bit, how would they have set their version of ITW running
so that it will

*be running in memory, ready for  JNLP Java Web start using the
Path version of Java  best for them, which will be OpenJDK 12,

*be running, ie. aprehending, a click on the web page ink of a .jnlp
file, which usually will be a directory link or adjacent to the correct
.jar file, on the web server, so that my java web start program/content
will download successfully and begin to run, via ITW, via the designated
ITW Java Runtime?
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