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Your questions are hard to parse and do nothave much sense.

On 3/27/19 2:40 AM, A Z wrote:
> Many thanks for Jiri Vanek for answering my IceadTea Questions.
icedtea-web; icedtea is differnt thing.

> -I have downloaded the latest stable version of ITW, which does look
> as though its number is (1.1.4 1.8 <>) and have found

it is 1.8 not 1.1.4 1.8  1.1.4 is sectionon wiki.
> the startup examples on the webpage a little to confusing to follow.

Not sure what you wish to starup.
> -If my destined user setup is 64 bit Windows 10, with someone running
> Firefox 64 bit, how would they have set their version of ITW running
> so that it will

What you downloaded, have nothng to do wit firefox. It will run with your isntalled jre/jdk. You can
change/specify what it should run with.
> *be running in memory, ready for  JNLP Java Web start using the
> Path version of Java  best for them, which will be OpenJDK 12,

It do not run in memory by default., If you launh jnlp file/protocol, javaws process will be
started. Once you close it, java will close again. Ech jnlp have its own JVM.

You can select JDK per itw instance. But that is not stright forward.
> *be running, ie. aprehending, a click on the web page ink of a .jnlp
> file, which usually will be a directory link or adjacent to the correct

jnlp is always file at the end. It points to the codebase - the directory with jars.

> .jar file, on the web server, so that my java web start program/content
> will download successfully and begin to run, via ITW, via the designated
> ITW Java Runtime?

Itw will read that jnlp and download resources as described in jnlp. then will launch the app via
the jre it is supposed to run with.

Please study a bit jnlp architecture and javaws implementation before other

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