Status update, December 2007

Steph Meslin-Weber steph at
Mon Dec 10 09:22:43 PST 2007

Hi Everyone!

Quick status update from Guillaume and I on recent and future 
developments to FBToolkit:

* Backend refactoring, removal of dead code
* Addition of Microbackend abstraction, abstract common code
  with MIDPath backends and FBToolkit
* Bugfixes galore
* Refactorings, simplification of code paths
* New bugs identified

The future:
* Completion of pluggable L&F for AWT peers
* Abstraction of window management
* Completion of complex AWT component peers
* Keyboard input
* Web presence, including howtos

And lastly, we've just noticed our project pages aren't public yet - 
we'll be correcting that ASAP :-)

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