Delayed sponsorship vote on the JDK 6 Project Proposal

Mark Reinhold mr at
Wed Jan 16 15:39:38 PST 2008

Joe Darcy proposed the JDK 6 Project on 14 December [1].

Kelly O'Hair called for the Build Group to vote on sponsoring this
Project on 7 January [2], and in due course that vote passed [3].

The interim governance rules [4] require that a Group vote to sponsor
a proposed Project within 14 days, so strictly speaking this vote was
invalid.  (I'm sure this was an innocent mistake on Kelly's part, most
likely related to Sun's week-long break over the holidays.)

Rather than ask Joe to resubmit the JDK 6 Project Proposal, I hereby
request the Interim Governance Board to recognize the Build Group's
sponsorship vote as valid despite its tardiness.

GB members: Please indicate your agreement (or not) in replies to this

- Mark


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