CFV: New Group: IDE & Tooling Support

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Fri Nov 8 22:29:54 UTC 2019

On behalf of Maurizio Cimadamore I hereby propose creation of the
"IDE & Tooling Support" Group, with Maurizio as the initial Lead.

Maurizio’s proposal:

  At the last OpenJDK Committer Workshop in Brussels, we agreed to set
  up some channel in which to discuss issues related to OpenJDK tooling
  and, more specifically, IDE support. We already have pretty
  comprehensive support for OpenJDK development in both IntelliJ and
  Netbeans, but the main, long standing problem has been one of lack of
  adequate communication and coordination between these various efforts,
  which often led (frustrated) developers to the path of "I'll write my
  own support".

  The goal of this group is, first and foremost, to extensively document
  the alternatives that are already available at present, as well as to
  capture discussions related to tooling support which are currently
  scattered among many mailing list (compiler-dev, jtreg-dev,
  build-dev).  After some discussion [3], it feels like proposing a
  group is the right thing to do because: (i) a group automatically gets
  a mailing list and a page on -- which can be useful
  for communicating within the group and also for publishing the much
  needed documentation; also (ii) a group is not tied to any specific
  set of deliverables (unlike, say, an OpenJDK Project), which feels
  right in this case, as IDE support is likely to be a recurring

  We want the OpenJDK Community to be a welcoming place for developers,
  and I feel that improving IDE/tooling support plays a crucial role in
  reducing the activation energy required to start hacking on the JDK

  I'm proposing to lead the Group given the extensive work I've done in
  the area of improving the usability of various IDE products for JDK
  development.  I've started this work 10 years ago by adding support
  for a standalone project to work on langtools with the Netbeans IDE;
  this work then continued when I created, together with Chris Hegarty,
  a way to generate JDK-wide IntelliJ projects, given a set of JDK
  modules the developer wants to work with. Finally, I've also behind
  the effort to improve the support for jtreg inside the Intellij IDE.

  I propose the following list of initial members:

  Chris Hegarty (Oracle)
  Jan Lahoda (Oracle)
  Jonathan Gibbons (Oracle)
  Robin Westberg (Oracle)
  Magnus Ihse Bursie (Oracle)

Only current Governing Board Members[1] are eligible to vote on this
motion.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing

Votes are due by 23:00 UTC next Friday, 15 November.

For Simple Majority voting instructions, see [2].

My apologies for the long delay in forwarding this proposal.

- Mark


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