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Hi Wei:

On 20 Dec 2013, at 22:25, Wei Zhang <ndrzmansn at> wrote:

> I attached the performance charts that compare ZipPy to the other
> major Python 2 or 3 implementations like CPython and PyPy.
> The best speedup over CPython3.3 so far is over 100x on fannkuchredux.
> Please refer to the link below for more numbers:
> In general, we are getting fairly close to PyPy with a few benchmarks
> running even faster.

After looking at the code, I am kind of surprised that you are seeing so great performance.
The first thing, I tried to see is what your `Arguments` objects look like and how you use frames. And I see that you actually rely heavily on materialized frames.[1]
The only difference I can make out, compared to what I had, is that you materialize conditionally.

I do wonder, what is the typical granularity of a Python method?
At least in SOM, methods seem to be rather small. Perhaps a few AST nodes on average.
Could that make a difference?

Another detail I noticed is that you are using another strategy for type handling in the type system. You use a combination of @TypeCheck and @TypeCast, while I use @ImplicitCast.
What is the difference of these two approaches?

> Hope you all have a great holiday!

Same to you!



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