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> What is the minimal benchmark where you think it's most obvious that Truffle isn't giving the performance that it should, and how do I run it? Preferably something numerically intensive, as I know that works well in ZipPy and RubyTruffle, but minimal is also important.

Numerically intensive and minimal?
Not sure what you are thinking of exactly. But the simple WhileLoop benchmark in Examples/Benchmarks is I think my first focus. Will try to go though Christian’s extensive list of comments. Thanks a lot Christian! 

With a properly set up (in the TruffleSOM repo), it can be executed with:
./ -cp `pwd`/Smalltalk `pwd`/Examples/Benchmarks/BenchmarkHarness.som WhileLoop  1 3 3000

But note, there is still a SOM benchmark harness. And the standard library gets loaded partially as well.

For more computational intensive benchmarks, there is Fannkuch perhaps, or the Queens benchmark?
Not sure what you got in mind concretely, but perhaps I can just port something that you think would be useful to guide my work?

In general, the benchmarks can be execute by either just calling their script, or using the harness which allows to define the number of measurements, the number of warmup runs ahead, and the number of inner iterations each benchmark is executed. In the command line above, represented in order by 1, 3, and 3000.

To get a proper TruffleSOM checkout, please checkout the submodule with the SOM standard library in the proper version. For instance this does the trick (note the `--recursive): git clone --recursive

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