Graal and Hotspot

Doug Simon @ Oracle doug.simon at
Wed Feb 13 13:43:04 PST 2013

On Feb 14, 2013, at 3:32 AM, Gilles Duboscq <gilwooden at> wrote:

> -server0 is a copy of the original JDK's vm and it doesn't work because the mx script currently refuses this value (mx --vm server0 vm will complain) i will fix that.
> -server in the server vm built from our source tree. Whether is contains the Graal compiler (configuration 2) or not (configuration 3) depends on whether you didn't or did (respectively) define OMIT_GRAAL while building.
> -graal is the Graal VM (configuration 1)
> please not that "mx vm" already appends the vm argument, nothing good will come out of "mx vm -graal" or "mx vm -server" etc.
> Use "mx vm" (this is equivalant to "mx --vm graal vm") "mx --vm server vm" or "mx --vm server0 vm"

A good way to learn about what mx does is to use the -v switch. This will show the actually process command line(s) issued. For example:

% mx -v vm -version
/Users/dsimon/linz/basic-graal/jdk1.7.0_10/product/bin/java -graal -d64 -version
% mx --vm server vm -version
/Users/dsimon/linz/basic-graal/jdk1.7.0_10/product/bin/java -server -d64 -version


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