Graal and Hotspot

Doug Simon @ Oracle doug.simon at
Wed Feb 13 13:47:18 PST 2013

On Feb 14, 2013, at 6:45 AM, Gilles Duboscq <gilwooden at> wrote:

> Hi Gulfem,
> You can pass arguments in a similar fashion in Graal.
> For example:
> "mx vm -G:GraphCacheSize=2000 -XX:CompileCommand=print,Object::toString"

If you specify -G:+PrintFlags (or simply specify an invalid Graal option like -G:XXYYZZ) you get a listing of the supported Graal options:

% mx vm -G:+PrintFlags
[Graal flags]
  boolean AlignCallsForPatching                    = true
  boolean AllowExplicitExceptionChecks             = true
  boolean AlwaysInlineIntrinsics                   = false
  boolean AlwaysInlineVTableStubs                  = false
    float BoostInliningForEscapeAnalysis           = 2.0
  boolean CacheGraphs                              = true
  boolean CanOmitFrame                             = true
  boolean CheckCastElimination                     = true
      int CheckcastMaxHints                        = 2
   double CheckcastMinHintHitProbability           = 0.5
  boolean CreateDeoptInfo                          = false
  boolean CullFrameStates                          = false

Some time soon, this listing will include documentation for each flag.


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