dynamically instrument the application class

lpxz lpxz at ust.hk
Mon Feb 18 05:16:06 PST 2013

Dear developers,
      I want to instrument the application class "HelloWorld" at runtime 
via the graal compiler. However, I notice that the methods of HelloWorld 
class are not compiled by graal as the VMToCompilerImpl.compileMethod() 
does not report the compilation about any method from the Helloworld 
class. I tried to use the 
"enqueue(Class.forName("HelloWorld").getDeclaredMethod(methodname))" to 
force graal to recompile the method, just as the enqueue operations in 
the bootstrap method, but the graalVM complains that No method is found 
by the getDeclaredMethod.
     Could you give me some hints on how to handle this issue?

Thanks a lot.

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