dump to system.out

lpxz lpxz at ust.hk
Mon Feb 18 21:10:52 PST 2013

Dear developers,
       I want to print the  information of some structured graph in 
emitHIR() directly to the System.out.
Therefore, I used "Debug.dump(graph, "name")", but it does not print the 
information that I want.
I set the debug and debugsnippet options. The reason seems to be that 
  has an empty config instance and therefore lacks the dumpHandlers.

      I tried to copy the code in DebugEnvironment.initialize() to 
manually set the config, but seems there are cyclic project dependency:

     Could you give me some hints on achieving the goal. Also, I wonder 
if it is possible to print HIR directly to System.out.
Are there any document explaining the options of graal?


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